This is the cheapest unlimited global data roaming SIM package

(Image credit: Shutterstock / ImYanis)

The advent of data roaming agreements across various mobile networks (e.g. Three in the UK) has made dedicated data roaming packages less relevant for the infrequent traveller.

However, business users will appreciate what Toronto-based connectivity provider Knowroaming has to offer. The company is serving up a 72-hours global unlimited data package for a mere $9.99. Users can enjoy unlimited data usage (within the fair usage policy limits) in roughly 125 countries globally.

All European countries are included, as well as most major nations (by population): India, Brazil, Russia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines and Nigeria.

As you might expect, wireless speeds cannot be guaranteed, but you should get at least 3G connectivity.

Grab a compatible hotspot with the travel SIM card (available separately for $9.99) and you'll be able to enjoy connectivity on several devices simultaneously. You can get a 50 percent discount for the SIM card and SIM sticker until February 29 using the exclusive discount code techradar2020 at checkout.

As a bonus, you get free WhatsApp usage (text and pictures only) for 30 days every time you load money onto your account in the Knowroaming app.

Note, you will need an unlocked phone to use this service, so don't get caught short with an incompatible device.

Desire Athow
Managing Editor, TechRadar Pro

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