This cheap docking station converts your smartphone into a desktop PC

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Baseus may not exactly be a household name but this Chinese manufacturer has a new accessory for your Android smartphone that is probably one of the most underrated items on the market today. 

This is a docking station that doubles as a phone holder and retails for only $37.99 from Gearbest using the voucher code GBSJ4603435 at checkout.

It charges your phone but can also connect it to a 4K monitor, three USB devices plus a memory card. However it doesn’t do wireless charging, and you will need to have a compatible smartphone in order to make the most of this Baseus docking station.

$37.99 from Gearbest

Baseus docking station, $37.99 from Gearbest

A docking station might not sound like the most compelling accessory for your smartphone but we believe that this one could change your mind. Its versatility and bargain price make it a very attractive proposition


Current compatible models include the Huawei Mate range, the P series, the Samsung S series and the Note family. 

We tried it with the latest Note 10 model and we could get the Android desktop to work flawlessly similar to the Samsung DEX. The phone only warned us that we are using a non-standard accessory.

The Baseus docking station was connected to a 4K monitor and performed seamlessly, delivering up to 15W power to your device. 

You can use the split screen function that allows you to use the phone independently for calls without interruption or you can mirror your phone screen on the bigger one. You can use a keyboard and a mouse as if it was a Chrome OS or Windows 10 device. 

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