The Xbox Series X gets retro as the all-star Xbox 360 controller returns in June

Hyperkin Xenon
(Image credit: Hyperkin)

Very soon, you’ll be able to get a blast from the past on your Xbox Series X as Hyperkin is bringing out an officially licensed Xbox 360 controller on June 6. 

Officially named the Xenon, this authentic Xbox 360 controller will retail for $49.99, making it cheaper than many of the best Xbox controllers around. The brand has not announced UK or Australian pricing yet, but that should be revealed soon as pre-orders go live directly from Hyperkin on May 5. If you remember the platform’s glory days, this is an excellent chance to relive them on Xbox Series X. The full announcement is available via Twitter

You aren’t limited to just the classic black or white of the Xbox 360 Elite and Arcade consoles with the Xenon controller, either. There will also be pink and red variants released on day one. As expected from a budget Xbox Series X controller, this reissue Xbox 360 gamepad is wired with a USB connection, so it isn’t wireless like the original model was through the AA batteries of the time. 

This controller really does look the part. As was the case when Hyperkin resurrected the original Xbox Duke controller in December 2021, no details look to be missed when bringing back the Xbox 360 pad for a new generation. That means it’s rocking that all-star ergonomic design which was so good that it hasn’t really changed in 18 years, considering how heavily the Xbox Wireless Controller from 2020 borrows from it. 

Of course, the Hyperkin Xenon also benefits from modern technology with its view, share, and menu buttons present and accounted for. That means you’re not losing out on functionality when playing some of the best Xbox Series X games with this old-school controller. It’s also fully compatible with Xbox One and PC, too. 

Everything old is new again 

As someone who spent their formative gaming years with the Xbox 360 from launch day, I am ecstatic to see that one of my favorite controllers of all time is making a comeback. The thousands of hours I clocked up on that console from 2005 to 2014 with that near-perfect gamepad cannot be understated. Everything from those satisfying face buttons, to the lovely bumpers and triggers, looks to be just how I remember them. Of course, the D-pad was never great, and I’m kind of hoping it’s a little spongy and sticky just for old-time’s sake, but we’ll see. 

Considering that the Xenon is an officially licensed product and Hyperkin’s excellent track record, I’m confident that this Xbox Series X controller will be high quality. It’s a shame that we aren’t also getting a wireless version, but considering how cheap it is, that’s something I can forgive. What better way to re-experience some of the Xbox 360 games that are backwards compatible through discs and Game Pass Ultimate streaming than with the gamepad that re-defined what a modern controller could be all those years ago?  

Aleksha McLoughlin

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