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The best Madden NFL 18 deals this Black Friday

Football season is in full swing, and so is shopping season, so frankly, we don't think there's ever been a better time to pick up a gaming bargain — and what better bargain to pick up than Madden NFL 18? Toys "R" Us and Target have both slashed the cost of the game in preparation for Black Friday, but our MVP is GameStop, who are currently offering the best price for the individual game.

It's not all about the disc though — some retailers are also offering bargains on bundles, where you can pick up a console and the game for a great price. Keep reading below for our round-up of stores offering the best deals.

Madden NFL 18 at Gamestop
A few retailers are offering Madden 18 for half price this Black Friday, but Gamestop have gone one better, offering it for just $27. This is the best deal we've found so far on the individual game, so it's well worth taking advantage of if you're not in the market for a console, and just want to get the game for the best price possible.View Deal

Madden 18 + Xbox One S 500GB Console bundle at the Microsoft Store If you're in the market for a new console, this deal on the Microsoft store is well worth a look. It offers up the Xbox One S 500GB, in addition to a full game download of Madden 18, plus an extra game of your choice, for $229, saving a not-inconsiderable $50 in the process.View Deal