UK ditching its second TVs but still obsessed with watching live

UK ditching its second TVs, but still obsessed with watching live
Kids: this is a test card. You won't have seen this on your television

Although the UK still favours live television, the latest findings suggest that we are beginning to replace our secondary TVs with other devices.

The TV Licensing TeleScope report is published annually and its latest offering underlines just how important watching things as they happen remains.

But one fascinating finding is that the average number of televisions per household has crashed from 2.3 to 1.83 in the last ten years.

Goggle not Google

That stat suggests that, although we are as attached to our main gogglebox as we ever have been, our spare rooms / kids bedrooms are far less likely to have a television in.

And that, you would assume, is because we are using laptops and tablets more and more to keep up to date with our favourite programmes.

This is borne out by the fact that the amount of TV we watch is up from 3 hours 36 minutes in 2006 to a fairly substantial 4 hours and two minutes today.

For long term observers of the fascinating UK TV market there's a familiar feel to the data.

The UK population is increasingly using mobile devices to watch television, but we're still at our happiest sat in front of our big screen television in our front room watching live TV as it happens.

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