The Sun to publish 3D newspaper

This is 3D Keely from Basildon - her opinion of 3D papers is...

If you have ever wanted to read a tabloid in poor quality, gimmicky anaglyph 3D then you are in luck, because News International is planning a 3D version of The Sun next month.

Slagging off anaglyph is a bit like having a go at a black and white television - it's simply a relic of the past - but nevertheless it's being hauled off of its two tone sofa for a starring role in a 3D paper.

Technological un-marvel

June 5 is the day you need to pop in the calendar if you really cannot wait for this technological un-marvel to occur.

The Sun will come with a free pair of red-and-blue anaglyph 3D glasses, and readers are promised 3D editorial images, 3D adverts and a 3D Soccer World Cup schedule Wall Chart.

We'd hazard a guess that 3D balls won't be the major draw though.