The ad-pocalypse is coming: Samsung wants to put ads on your TV menus

Samsung TV

Samsung Smart TV owners in Europe will soon be seeing banner adverts in their TV menus, according to a new report.

The feature has already been rolled out to TV owners in the US, but according to The Wall Street Journal Samsung is readying plans to roll out the functionality in Europe.

We have contacted Samsung to ask for official confirmation of the rollout and will update this article when we get a response.

Nobody's safe

Users in the US have found workarounds to opt out of these ads, but it's not yet clear whether these options will be made available to viewers in the UK.

Users of course have the option of opting out of the decision to buy a Samsung TV in the first place.

Although with reports that Samsung will use a firmware update to bring the functionality to existing TVs, it would appear that no one is safe from the changes.

We've all gotten used to the functionality of our products growing over time with new apps and functionality being added via firmware updates, but the news is a worrying reminder that this process can work both ways.

For those keeping track, this means that soon users will be able to navigate to an ad-supported TV channel using ad-supported TV menus to watch a movie featuring product placement ads.

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