Sky 3D: what to expect

Sky 3D
3D TV is the future - but have you seen the schedules?

Sky's announcement that it will start broadcasting 3D channels next year is enormously exciting, but what will you actually be able to watch?

We've warmed up our crystal balls, travelled into the not-too-distant future and scribbled down our pick of the 3D programming. Everything here is a real programme from the Sky schedules.

5.30pm Oops TV
Sky 1HD 3D
Justin Lee Collins voices this hilarious collection of hilarious home videos and "YouTube shockers", none of which were filmed in even Standard Definition, let alone HD 3D.

6.00pm The Simpsons
The legendary comic strip returns in all its two-dimensional, simply animated glory… er…

7.00pm Bruno
Sky Movies Premiere 3D
You know that bit where the focus group sees Bruno's pilot for a TV programme? Remember that bit? Now you can see it again - in 3D!

8.00pm The Real A&E
SkyRealLives+1 3D
Venture into the UK's biggest A&E department at Coventry University Hospital. This week, discover what happens when a 13-year-old cyclist is hit by a car - in 3D!

8.00pm IAAF Athletix Weekly
Sky Sports 2 3D
And they're off! They're round the first corner! They're running towards you! OH MY GOD RUN FOR YOUR LIVES THEY'RE COMING OUT OF THE TV - in 3D!

9.00pm Sex Change: Her to Him
Sky 3HD 3D
A moment of truth: charting the physical and emotional journeys of transsexuals. Includes gruesome footage of gender reassignment surgery - in 3D!

11.00pm Ibiza Uncovered III
Sky 2HD 3D
No-holds-barred documentary series following young Brits on holiday. If you thought you'd seen vomit, wait till you see it - in 3D!

12.00am When Sharks Attack
Sky 3 3D
Following a spate of headline-grabbing shark attacks, take the plunge and explore our fascination with these deep-sea predators. Featuring extensive footage of bored divers hanging around in underwater cages while the sharks are off doing something more interesting - in 3D!

12.30am Luton Airport
Sky RealLives+1 3D
Fly-on-the-wall documentary series showing the goings-on behind the scenes at Luton Airport - in 3D!

Carrie Marshall

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