Prices revealed for Sky's Now TV, launches tomorrow

Prices revealed for Sky's NOW TV non-subscription service
NOW TV - launching on July 17

Sky has unveiled the pricing behind its Now TV service, the non-subscription streaming option to watch the broadcaster's offerings that launches on July 17.

Now TV which will be on the YouView platform when it launches as well as Xbox, iOS, PC, Mac and selected Android devices will start out offering a movies-only service, but sport will arrive by the end of the year.

An all-you-can-eat movies subscription – offering the on-demand library and live movies channel – will be available for £15 per month.


A pay-as-you-go service will go against Lovefilm and Netflix with movies priced between 99p and £3.49 for the latest blockbusters.

Simon Creasey, Director, Now TV, comments: "Now TV will bring more choice to UK consumers and an easy way to enjoy amazing movies, instantly.

"Following the explosion in internet-connected devices, we know that more and more people are looking for great content to watch over the web, and that's where Now TV comes in.

"Offering a new and exciting way to enjoy Sky Movies on some of the most popular internet-connected devices, Now TV gives films fans everywhere a new choice."

Not NOW but soon

"As we move forward Now TV will get even bigger and better, with more devices and more platforms in the coming months," he promised.

"Customers can also look forward to the best live action from Sky Sports and great drama, comedy and entertainment from our Sky channels."

Now TV

The service will not be offering HD streams on anything other than the games consoles – which interestingly means that YouView will not get a high definition option.

Sky confirmed to TechRadar that it would be trying to bring the service to Sony's PlayStation 3 and that talks were ongoing with a range of other platforms which could include Google TV.

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