Hulu finally goes ad-free, but you'll have to pay up

Hulu No Commercials

Hulu is finally catching up with Netflix and Amazon by adding a completely commercial free subscription offering.

So now you'll basically have three Hulu options, with the new No Commercials option to cost $12 per month.

The Limited Commercials tier, which is basically the old Hulu Plus option that costs $8 per month, will remain as an ad-supported option for those who may not want to spend the extra $4 to get rid of the ads completely.

The free ad-supported Hulu tier with limited access to content will also continue to be offered alongside the paid subscriptions.

Late to the streaming war?

Rumors of a commercial free Hulu option started up back in July, but the announcement finally comes in the same week that Amazon has announced that it will begin offering offline viewing.

Hulu is hoping to draw in new customers with the new ad-free tier, as well as with a continued focused on original content and possibly adding more juggernauts like Seinfeld, which was added to the Hulu library back in April.

But though the price for the ad-free tier is comparable to Netflix, Hulu is still a little late the the commercial free party.

And while Hulu will likely gain some customers because of the new tier, with Netflix and Amazon battling it out with features like offline viewing and 4K content, Hulu will continue to face steep competition.