Xbox 360 HD DVD drive for 9.99 euros


Fancy an HD disc drive to show off your new telly? If you have an Xbox 360, live in Ireland and don’t mind a redundant format you could pick up an HD DVD drive for just €9.99.

The death knell for HD DVD was sounded earlier in the year, and although Blu-ray has yet to truly win over the customers, in terms of spinning media it’s numero uno in the HD world.

Media Centre Remote

But if you want a fairly limited library of HD DVD films, an upscaling DVD drive and even more impressively a media centre remote for your Xbox you could do a lot worse than picking up the drive for less than £10.

Apparently Xtra-vision stores on the Emerald Isle are selling the drive at this bargain basement price – and if you use your Xbox for media it might well be worth investing just for the remote.