Freesat to buddy up with Netflix on new box

Freesat to buddy up with Netflix on new box
On-demand movies incoming

Freesat is all set to launch a new set-top box, which comes complete with Netflix connectivity.

With YouView finally launched in the UK and Sky squeezing itself into the on-demand market with Now TV, Freesat has decided enough is enough and is soon to offer Netflix's streaming service on its next set top.

Although there has yet to be any official confirmation from Freesat, the Telegraph is reporting that a deal has been signed and Netflix will appear on a new set-top box that's scheduled for launch tomorrow.

Demand for on demand

Netflix arrived in the UK back in January and since then the service has sailed past the 1 million subscriber mark and found itself on a number of platforms – including smart TVs, games consoles, mobile phones and tablets.

Given that Netflix has yet to launch on any other satellite or cable provider, this could be a significant deal for Freesat, a satellite service that's battling the likes of BSkyB head on, offering free content to those who no longer want to pay a monthly bill.

Netflix will cost, however: the subscription service is currently priced at £5.99 a month but it is rumoured that new features will be offered by Freesat with the new box, including backward EPG scrolling – something that's already available on Virgin Media's Tivo box.

Via Telegraph

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