BBC explains what UK really wants from HD

Less glorious scenery and more HD crap...wait.
Less glorious scenery and more HD crap...wait.

The head of BBC HD, Danielle Nagler, has suggested that people aren't looking for nature shows and sport in high definition, but actually want family entertainment and comedies.

Nagler – speaking at the HD Masters Conference – praised the likes of Sky and Freesat in propelling HD take-up in the UK, expressing her delight that HD televisions are 'alongside baked beans, olive oil and low energy light bulbs as the consumer goods that are bucking the recession'

But it was Nagler's view on what the UK want to watch in sparkly high definition that will perhaps most surprise, with Nagler insisting that the traditional strong-holds of HD broadcast are not necessarily hitting the right notes.

Jaw-dropping or pant-wetting?

"Contrary to expectations - which suggest the great appetite in HD is for sport, for films, for jaw-dropping natural history - our research shows that what viewers want in HD are the programmes that they love to watch in SD," said Nagler.

"Topping the list are documentaries, modern dramas, Saturday night family entertainment, and science and technology programmes, with soaps, news and comedies not far behind.

"This is what we might describe as the bread, butter and jam of everyday television, and ties in with what we are seeing in terms of programme performance on BBC HD."

TechRadar can't help but feel that showing off the African Sahara in all its majesty is an easier sell than Dawn French in HD, but ho hum.

Patrick Goss

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