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Telegram has a major update including Payments 2.0, Scheduled Voice Chats

Telegram update
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Telegram (opens in new tab)has introduced a new update that brings a lot of major changes and features to the messaging app. This new update brings new features like Payments 2.0, mini profiles for voice chats, scheduled voice chats, two new Telegram Web apps along with an update for the Android UI. 

The new features have been detailed in the blog (opens in new tab)shared by the developers on the official website. Here's a look at what this new update brings.

Telegram update: Details

One of the biggest things being introduced is Payments 2.0 which improves the already existing payments system in the app. And now merchants can natively accept credit card payments in any chat, relying on 8 integrated third-party payment providers such as Stripe. 

Buyers can add a tip whenever they make a purchase, and purchases can be made from the desktop app as well.

Next up is scheduled voice chats that can be set for a particular date and time by admins of groups and channels. Users will see a countdown while waiting for the scheduled event. Voice Chat reminders have also been added. 

Speaking about voice chats, Telegram is introducing Mini Profiles for voice chats, and users can now expand profile pictures and bios to get a better idea of who they're chatting with – without leaving the voice chat window.

Telegram has also added two new, fully-featured Telegram web apps – both support animated stickers, dark mode, chat folders and more. 

Other new features introduced include a pinch to zoom for photos shared on the platform, an improved video player with 15 second fast-forward and rewind buttons on iOS, and 10 seconds on Android. 

Users on iOS can download the new update from the App Store, but it is not live for Android users on Google Play yet. This is apparently because has a longer review period now and Android users can download it directly from the Telegram official website. 

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