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BlackBerry PlayBook to have proprietary video calling app

BlackBerry flavoured video calling coming to the PlayBook 'soon'
BlackBerry flavoured video calling coming to the PlayBook 'soon'

RIM has revealed that the BlackBerry PlayBook will offer a proprietary video-calling app, very much in the style of the iPad 2's FaceTime application.

David Heit, RIM's VP of enterprise strategy, let slip news of the BlackBerry-made app, telling CIO that the app will be released "very soon".

The official release dates for the BlackBerry PlayBook haven't been announced yet, but the Wi-Fi only version of the tablet is set to hit the US at some point in April, with a UK release hopefully not far behind.


Given the existence of a front-mounted camera on the BlackBerry tablet, it's no great surprise that RIM has a dedicated video calling app up its sleeve, but the company could have simply gone with existing third-party services like Skype.

With its own video-calling application built in-house, RIM could potentially integrate the service with the much-loved BlackBerry Messenger app.

Could this be a PlayBook-only app? RIM hasn't released any handsets with front-mounted cameras yet, so it seems likely for now. But if the PlayBook app proves a success, perhaps RIM will think about sticking cameras on the front of its new phones too.

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