Surprise! Snap Spectacles can now be purchased online in the US


Snap Spectacles are now on sale throughout the US in a new online store for the first time, Snap Inc. announced today.

That means you can get the special Snapchat camera sunglasses for first time without having to visit a randomly dropped Snapbot vending machine.

They're available for $129.99 (about £105, AU$169) and come in three colors: black, coral and teal, the same as it's been since the November 10 soft launch.

Of course, while the frenzy of finding a Snapbot is over for now, the online orders are sure to go fast since it's open to one and all nationwide in the US.

Snap being a camera company

Today's Spectacles launch isn't a giant surprise since the semi-permanent New York City store selling the sunglasses closed yesterday, February 19.

Snap Inc. also hinted in its recent IPO filing that it wanted a wider roll out of its camera sunglasses. It was just a matter of time being an official store opened.

What's important here is that this marks a new direction for the company. It has stated that it's a camera company, not just a silly, rainbow vomiting app maker.

We've given the Snapchat hardware a full test in our Snap Spectacles review, so see what we thought of it before you go out and buy your first, first-person perspective video-capturing sunglasses.