Surface app now gives battery status for Microsoft peripherals

Microsoft has updated its Surface app so that the software now shows battery levels for any of the company's Bluetooth peripherals that are being used.

That means those who use the likes of the Surface Mouse, Surface Keyboard, or indeed the Surface Pen or Dial will be able to see the battery levels of these wireless accessories clearly displayed within the app.

So instead of having to guess how much battery life your Surface peripheral has left, you get an exact percentage reading of the remaining juice.

That’s clearly a useful feature, and if you want to benefit from it just make sure you grab the latest version of the Surface app from the Windows store.

Now the Surface app gives you a percentage readout for battery level

Now the Surface app gives you a percentage readout for battery level

Pen pusher

As well as monitoring battery life, the software also enables you to adjust various settings for the Surface Pen, such as those relating to the amount of pressure applied and the thickness of the resulting line drawn, plus it offers access to other bits and pieces like technical support for Surface devices.

The new Surface Keyboard and Mouse only went on sale in the UK at the beginning of the year, and they’re designed to be solid peripherals that are quiet in action and run off a pair of AAA batteries. They'll set you back £90 and £45 respectively, or $100 (about AU$125) and $50 (about AU$65) in the US.

Via: Windows Central

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