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Sprint's Unlimited 55+ plan for seniors matches T-Mobile's deal

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Move over movie tickets, AARP dine-in discounts and reduced train fares, Sprint's Unlimited 55+ plan is the newest way seniors are paying less than everyone else.

It costs just $50 for a single line with unlimited data, talk and text for anyone age 55 or older in the US, and two lines cost $70 (so another $20 for a second line – bringing the cost to $35 per senior).

Sprint's Unlimited 55+ plan, which kicks in on May 18, saves seniors anywhere from  $10 to $30 per month. Normal plans cost $60 for single lines and $100 for two lines. 

However, it does come with the usual 'Unlimited' restrictions (a baffling word pairing, we know). Streaming video is capped at 'DVD-quality', meaning a 480p resolution, while music is kept to 500kps and gaming restricted to 2Mbps.

Sprint's 55+ plan has competition... or does it

T-Mobile is offering the same exact deal through its 'T-Mobile One Unlimited 55+' plan. This means Sprint is just answering the discount T-Mobile put out there last year.

Competition is good. However, T-Mobile and Sprint are in the process of merging (if regulatory approval goes through). These plans are likely to stick around, for now, but the long-term future of these deep discounts in less certain.

Verizon hasn't reduced the prices of its existing 55+ unlimited plan (it still starts at $75, but $60 if you live in Florida), and AT&T doesn't have an smartphone plan for seniors, unlimited for otherwise.

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