Spotify may allow Android users to import songs from their phone

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Spotify is reportedly testing a new feature for its music streaming app on Android devices – one that would allow users to import songs from their phone or tablet.

While Spotify boasts an expansive library of songs – over 30 million – you won't find everything there. Licensing often means that certain bands or artists are exclusive to certain platforms, much like Beyonce's 2016 album Lemonade, which is still only available on Tidal.

The change would mean users can source the gaps in the catalogue from elsewhere, say, by buying a little-known indie album from the band's own website. You could then upload the tracks into Spotify instead of having to play them through a separate music player.

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On the horizon

Twitter user Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) spotted the unreleased feature in the settings for the Spotify for Android app, alongside the foundations for a 'saved for later' option for podcasts, and an overhauled Library layout that brings playlists of your saved tracks more into view.

None of these features are confirmed, of course, and may never make it to Android or iOS versions of the Spotify app. 

But the changes fit in with Spotify's recent attempts to make its streaming service a more open platform, with plans to let musicians upload tracks to rival services, while also playing nice with rival Apple for a release on the Apple Watch.

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