Sonos rumoured to be working on an update for its Playbar speaker

Sonos Playbar
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The next Sonos speaker to get an upgrade could be its soundbar: leaked images of a new Sonos Playbar have leaked out on the web, backing up previous reports that the device is indeed in line for an update.

The pictures appeared on Zatz Not Funny, though they don't tell us too much about what a new Playbar might bring with it. These are "incomplete" renders according to the company, so they don't show all of the new device's ports.

What we can tell is that the updated version of the Sonos Playbar will be a much sleeker and more streamlined design, smoothing off some of the edges of the chunkier original speaker that launched back in 2013.

It seems inevitable that any new Sonos playbar would come with support for AirPlay 2 streaming, like all of the audio company's newer products. It should also come with support for the recently revamped software apps.

Speakers refreshed

Sonos Playbar leak

(Image credit: Zatz Not Funny)

The leaked Sonos Playbar images don't come with any hint about when the updated speaker might arrive – though presumably Sonos may have had to adapt its launch schedule as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this week, 9to5Mac reported a tip that the Playbar, the Play:5 and the Sub speakers are all getting upgrades in the near future, with a possible product launch scheduled for June and support for Dolby Atmos included.

Sonos has been regularly updating its line-up year after year, adding features such as built-in Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri functionality along the way, but the Playbar is among the devices now well due an update.

As yet there's been no official word from Sonos about possible product updates, but as soon as anything is made official, we'll tell you about it here.

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