Some of us are pretty confident AI won't take our jobs - yet

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New research from collaboration software firm RingCentral has claimed workers arein fact excited about the prospect of AI than being concerned the technology will take their jobs.

The company's study found a quarter (26%) of workers believe that artificial intelligence will make their jobs easier, with a similar number (28%) reckoning AI will help free up their time to focus on more important work or to promote a better work-life balance.

Around one-third (35%) of the study’s participants suggested that AI and similar technological advancements would have a positive impact on the workforce - a sentiment clearly felt more so by the younger generation with almost half (49%) of those between 21-34 years old agreeing.

AI won’t take your job after all

From its research, RingCentral has deduced that Gen Z and Millennials “will come to expect [AI technologies] as standard in the future” implying that businesses that fail to adapt quickly enough - or invest sufficiently - will struggle to acquire and retain younger talent.

Companies that are unsure how to best spend their money are advised to be guided by the sentiments of their workers, who believe that virtual assistance, note-taking and transcription, and knowledge management are three key areas that could benefit from AI.

RingCentral VP International, Steve Rafferty, said: “There is so much that AI can support when it comes to productivity, and business leaders are being given the green light from employees to implement the technology and tools that will maximize output and retain a competitive advantage against a gloomy economic forecast.”

Rafferty continues to proclaim that business leaders should “seize the opportunity to invest in cutting-edge technology,” citing happy workers and increased productivity.

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