Ability to launch Chrome apps with 'OK Google' may arrive before we know it

OK Google Chromebook
OK Google search last minute Thanksgiving recipes (credit: François Beaufort)

Google Now Voice Commands have been a pretty sweet treat for Android 4.4 and Moto X users, and soon Chrome users may be able to control their device by vocalizing "OK Google" instructions.

According to Google insider François Beaufort, Chromebook users can already say "OK Google" and start a search. All that's needed is access the new experimental App Launcher in Chrome's Dev Channel.

Of course, the functionality could trickle down to everyday users, giving us all the ability to bark commands at our Chromebooks.

Beaufort also noted that this could just be the beginning. In the future, Google might implement other commands such as "OK Google, open Gmail," "OK Google, chat with Josh" or any number of actions.

Voice control everything

The Star Trek-ian future of being able to kickback and command something with just your voice doesn't sound too far off following Beaufort's find.

Voice commands are nothing new, and the function is increasingly wiggling its way into more and more devices.

Even Apple looks to be beefing up its conversational personal assistant Siri, if a recently uncovered Apple patent to crowd source human brainpower is to be believed.

Meanwhile, both the next-gen consoles come with some form of voice recognition software. This is especially true of the Xbox One, designed to be used with range of voice commands heard through Kinect.

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