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RealPlayer SP launches globally

RealPlayer SP gets a global roll-out
RealPlayer SP gets a global roll-out

RealNetworks today announced the global release of RealPlayer SP.

The all-in-one media program allows users to take internet videos with them on their favourite device and share it with others via Twitter and Facebook.

The basic player is available for free, with Euro 30 RealPlayer SP plus upgrade supporting h.264 video conversion, DVD playback and DVD burning.

Universal playback?

Real claims that SP plays internet video on "nearly any device", including Blackberry smartphones, a range of Nokia S60 devices, Palm Pre, Apple's iPhone, iPod and iTunes, the Xbox and many others through automatic conversion to formats including MPEG-4, Windows Media, QuickTime and, naturally, RealVideo.

The player can download or transfer multiple videos at the same time, offers custom device profiles and settings to optimise video quality and control for a device. It can create audio-only files from videos for playback on audio players and lets you share videos on Twitter and Facebook with just one click.

Since Real launched the RealPlayer SP beta in June, it has been downloaded by over four million people and more than 22 million videos have been downloaded using the product.

RealPlayer supports the latest versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, and can be downloaded from