Windows Blue public preview coming in June?

Windows Blue public preview to land at Build dev con?
Too late, Microsoft - we already have

The first update to Windows 8 looks likely to hit public preview at Microsoft's Build developer conference in June.

That's the word coming from The Verge's sources, at least, who say that the reason the release is not too close is because Microsoft is working a private "milestone preview" of the update codenamed Blue at present.

However, a second version is also in the works and slated for release at Build - but before you all rise, it will probably only be available to developers and bubblin' Microsoft fans who actually attend.


As well as the operating system itself, Microsoft is apparently building some new Windows 8 apps, looking at new ways to run apps side-by-side on smaller-screened devices without needing hefty black-box-level resolution.

That means that the Blue software seeks to extend the one love Microsoft is showing for desktops, laptops and tablet devices alike with its Windows 8-flavoured software ranges.

There aren't likely to be too many surprises in store from Blue, which we feel a bit guilty for passing off as a minor Windows update now that we've seen reams of rather more serious leaked screenshots.

The final software (and some spangly new Blue-flavoured hardware) are expected to go on sale as the curtain falls on the year.

And sorry seems to be the hardest word for Microsoft, which has hurt lovers of the cobalt hue by confirming that Blue will not be the software's official name - shocker.

But while the software isn't yet signed, sealed, delivered and yours, Microsoft fans can breathe easy - it's on its way.

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