Extensive Windows Blue screengrab leak shows off smaller tiles and IE 11

Extensive Windows Blue screengrab leak shows off smaller tiles and IE 11
Look at all those tile sizes - Microsoft is really spoiling us

A batch of Windows Blue screen grabs have hit the web, showing off some of the updates we can expect to see from the Microsoft camp soon.

Windows Blue is the maudlin codename for the next iteration of Windows 8 and it looks like Microsoft is going to introduce some smaller Live Tiles to the menu screen for your lesser-used apps.

But don't worry, size-fans - there are some bigger ones sneaking in too - like the massive Desktop tile which is near impossible to miss.

Singing the blues

Blue is also bringing in Snap Views so you can share your screen 50/50 between different apps, including across multiple monitors.

Snap Views


As expected, Microsoft is upping the Sky Drive integration, with some new treats like auto-camera uploads and more back-up options, as well as tab sync which will see your tabs mirrored across devices.

The grabs also reveal the inclusion of IE11 but not much detail on the next iteration of browser beyond that.


IE11 - coming to Windows Blue

And for the personalisation fans, the grabs show a quick and easy menu of options for customising your desktop background and other design elements.

Although there's no official Windows Blue release date on the cards yet, we're expecting Microsoft to bust it out into public preview within the next few months before a full release in the latter part of the year.

From WinForum via The Verge

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