OS X El Capitan causing Outlook to freeze

OS X El Capitan

Apple's brand new OS X El Capitan update is not playing nice after users reported that Outlook has been sputtering to a halt since they refreshed their machines.

First reported by V3, Outlook 2011 and 2016 users have been unable to retrieve Outlook emails using Apple's brand new OS X version and neither company has an estimate on how long it will take to fix.

Customers have been grumbling that Office 2011 and 2016 both open as normal but that is where the normality ends for as soon as you attempt to sync with the mail server it displays an infinitely spinning wheel and completely freezes.

Microsoft is aware of the problem and doesn't have a date for a fix and has told users to revert back to an older version of OS X to combat it.

"We are working on a fix for 2011 and for 2016 we are working closely with Apple to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Unfortunately we do not have any timelines for either fix, please stay tuned and thank you for your understanding," Faisal Jeelani, Program Management for Outlook for Mac said.

Features galore

OS X El Capitan got its release on September 30 following a long public beta that began back in July and may have been expected by some to have dispelled problems of this ilk. The update requires users to reserve around 6GB of space on their hard drive and then wait for the update to be delivered.

It brings with it a range of new features such as updates to Mission Control and Spotlight, and a new Split View that allows apps to sit side-by-side. System performance has also been given a big boost in the animations and graphics departments that give it all the tools to take on Windows 10 in the uber-competitive OS space.