Windows Vista sales 'exceeding expectations'

PC World staff were on hand with plenty of copies of the new OS

Sales of Windows Vista are "exceeding expectations" according to PC World, with Home Premium the most popular version. What's more surprising is that Ultimate is selling very well too - the upgrade version of Ultimate costs £250; the full, £349.

PC World 's computing director, Jean Pierre Van Tiel, told that he was pleasantly surprised people had waited outside the company's Tottenham Court Road store this morning.

"Remember, this is a product that's not in constraint. It's not a limited volume product like the PlayStation," he said.

Vista represents a "much bigger step than Microsoft has ever taken before," Van Tiel also said, before making the questionable comparison: "it's not like the change from Windows 95 to Windows XP".

Ready-to-go systems

The company is trumpeting the fact that it has plenty of desktops and laptops ready to go, with Vista pre-installed. Fifty different product lines of desktops and laptops are in stock, "with more to follow" according to Van Tiel. In terms of stock, he says that's around 50,000 boxes.

Van Tiel also spoke of Vista's Media Center capabilities; PC World has a Connected Home demonstration room inside its Tottenham Court Road store.

"The concept launched around eight months ago," he said. "The idea is that Media Center delivers right through the home."

PC World is also offering a Vista install service for £29.99.


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