Apple "Leopard" launch in pictures

Apple opened its flagship Apple Store in London on Friday for the launch of its latest upgrade to Mac OS X - "Leopard". At least 1,500 people queued in the chill October air to get their hands on a copy. Check out our extensive picture gallery to see for yourself.

In comparison, for the launch of Microsoft's Windows Vista, PC World's Tottenham Court Road store opened its doors to a queue of around 30 or so people. Apple commands more attention. At the Apple Store, eager Mac owners queued right around the block, along Regent Street and down through Hanover Square.

Mac fans queue for 3 hours

The first people in the queue outside the Apple Store had been waiting there since just after 3pm. Just in case those at the front of the queue were entitled to any freebies. But anyone hoping that Apple's generosity would stretch to a free iMac or new iPod was disappointed. A T-Shirt was their only reward.

There was a palpable air of excitement before the doors opened; excitement not necessarily about the launch of Leopard, but about being part of the launch itself. Apple staff counted down to the opening and applauded the first customers as they muscled their way past security and into the store.

Most people spoke to said that they'd be back for the UK iPhone launch on November 9. If this is any indication, the Regent Street Apple is the last place you want to queue for an iPhone.

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