Your favourite free phone and tablet apps

Your favourite free phone and tablet apps
BRB, just downloading ALL THE APPS

One quiet day, we idly asked you what your favourite smartphone and tablet apps were. You answered in droves with loads of brilliant-sounding apps we had yet to happen across in the various app stores.

So we thought: why not put them all together in one giant list for all to see? That list was so giant, we decided we'd split it into two - free apps and paid for apps.

What you see here is a run down of TechRadar readers' favourite free smartphone and tablet apps. Later this week, we'll publish your favourite paid-for apps and after that we'll also let you in on what apps the TechRadar editorial team can't live without. What a week.

Think we've missed something? Downloaded an essential free app you just have to share with the world? Let us know in the comments below, over on Facebook or on Twitter.

All-In-One Toolbox

Productivity | Android | Recommended by Justin Gorka

With more than 20 handy uses, this toolbox helps you get the most out of your handset. From task-killing and system clean-up to tweaking volume settings, managing your SD card and simply using the flash as a flashlight, it's a nifty, easy to navigate one-stop Android-optimising shop.

All In One

Beach Buggy Blitz

Gaming | Android | Recommended by Michael Conradsen

Tear down the beach in a souped-up beach buggy, chasing coins and running over the occasional seagull and, er, yeti. This great game is Tegra 3 only, unfortunately - but well worth it, with water physics that make this cartoon racer seem as real as Formula 1.

Beach Buggy Blitz


Health | Android | Recommended by @andybslater

If you're watching what you eat, this app could be just the thing to help you count calories: we really like the barcode scanner which lets you keep track of your calorie intake by just scanning food packets. The at-a-glance daily summaries make it quick and easy to see how you're doing on your journey to a healthy weight - and if you need a bit of moral support, it can be linked to your social networks too.

Calorie Counter


Travel | Android | iOS | Recommended by @crablin

If you live in London, are planning a trip to London or just really like London, this is a must-have app. It incorporates live bus, tube and train times along with the best routes for walking or cycling, tells you how long your journey will take, how much it'll cost and how many calories you'll burn on the way, lets you know what the weather is like where you're going and even searches for where the closest toilet is. Our only complaint is that the fun (yet, ultimately, fictional) teleportation option seems to have been done away with.

City Mapper

Clash of Clans

Gaming | iOS | Recommended by Dariusz Rompa, Mark Alvin Ani Egar

Build, train, conquer! With this freemium strategy game you can build your village, train your troops and conquer thousands of other online players. Upgrade your items ready for battle, or speed up your progress with in-game currency that you buy with real-life money.

Clash of the Clans


Gaming | iOS | Recommended by Kris Reno Harris

CAUTION: do not download Dots if you hope to get anything done for the next, oh, say, forever. Don't let its deceptively simple colour scheme fool you: Dots is a tactically demanding brain teaser and it's more addictive than crack. Not that we have ever partaken in any crack-based activities, obviously.



Productivity | Android | iOS | Windows | Recommended by Saqib Khan and @jonpartridge

The answer is in the question: this is a note-taking app. Add media, images, links and videos to your reminders for a fully-featured to-do list. There is a premium edition, but while some users will be glad of all the extras, you can get along just fine with the free version. However if use offline is a dealbreaker for you, you'll have to shell-out for Evernote premium.