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The light shines green when nothing is detected and red when something is — a beeping alarm also acts as a warning if you're hovering over electrical wires.

A soft-grip handle makes the tool easy to hold and a pencil-sized hole in the centre makes marking your entry hole simple.

Bosch 80cm Digital Detector

Skil Precise Laser Distance Measurer Xact: 0530

Price: $89.99

How much faster and more efficient would you be if you had a tool that could measure a room and work out its area and volume? And how cool would it be if it used a laser to do it?

Think of this tool as an electronic tape measure and calculator in one. Point the laser at a wall or obstacle and you'll get the distance in metres or feet — you won't have to move from spot to spot taking measurements, or ask anyone else for help.

The Xact also adds and subtracts measurements, does continuous measurements and does all your annoying area calculations for you.

The measuring range is from 20cm to 20m and it comes ready to go with batteries and a belt bag for storage.

Skil Precise Laser Distance Measurer Xact 0530

Telescopic AC Voltage Detector

Price: $22.95

Before you start planning any wall demolition and window smashing, check where your wiring is hidden.

This non-contact mains voltage detector is pocket-sized, but extends to 1.3m.

The long, thin shaft means you can check for live wires almost anywhere — behind wardrobes, in ceilings or along the ground.

The LED tip glows red to warn you that mains power is close by.

Telescopic AC Voltage Detector

Olight H15 Wave LED Headlamp 150Lm

Price: $39.95

Whether you're reaching into wall cavities, working in the attic space or fixing up a walk-in-wardrobe, there are endless renovation jobs that require both hands while working in low-light conditions.

A head torch is the perfect companion for these jobs — it fastens to your head with an adjustable strap.

This model offers 150 lumens for a good, bright light. The lamp can be tilted to hit just the right spot and a built-in diffuser can be flipped over the beam to provide a more gentle light.

There's also no need to put down your tools to operate the torch — turn it on or off just by waving your hand in front of the headlamp.

Olight H15 Wave LED Headlamp 150Lm