Android Pay could arrive as early as next week

Iconic fast food outlet McDonald's has a strong history in pioneering technology before anyone else is ready for it, whether it's free Wi-Fi, Apple Pay or touchscreen menus.

Now a leaked memo from the burger chain pegs 26 August as the date when Android Pay is going to greet the world (in the US at least): AndroidPolice has received several tip-offs about the same date in the calendar.

That's next Wednesday, and those of you who follow Android APK app updates (we know you're out there) will be aware that Wednesday is usually the day when Google rolls out its software updates.

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The same memo also lists 21 August as the launch date for Samsung Pay - the service doesn't actually go live until 28 September in the US, but the Note 5 and the S6 Edge+ arrived on 21 August, so that might explain the discrepancy in the note issued to store staff.

Android Pay works slightly differently to Apple Pay, though the end result - swiping your phone to pay for a large Big Mac meal - is largely the same. One advantage Android Pay does have is compatibility with older handsets.

Google first unveiled the new technology at its I/O developer conference in May, but this is the first we've heard of a firm launch date. So far there's been no word on a roll out in the UK, Australia or anywhere else outside the States.

David Nield
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