Seagate is bringing modular storage to businesses

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Seagate have announced at CES 2020 a modular storage solution to manage the increasingly complex data storage needs of enterprise, cloud, and edge IT networks.

The Seagate Lyve Drive Mobile System aims to provide for everything from smart homes to connected cities, AI-powered factories to autonomous vehicles.

The company says this is part of its plans to serve an expected four-fold demand for data storage over the next five years.

Smart futures

Seagate are currently showcasing how their modular technology can serve cloud storage needs but also make real-time processing easier.

At present there are a number of setups being used to demonstrate how their Lyve Drive Mobile System can be used, to help illustrate the data journey from origin to endpoint, along with extraction and storage.

Key among these include the Lyve Drive Mobile Array, which is ruggedized for protection and ease of transport, and includes a six-bay array of Seagate’s 18TB Exos HAMR (Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording) hard drives, offering a total capacity of 108TB.

Another is the Lyve Drive Modular Array, which comprises of a configurable four-bay high capacity array which house Seagate’s Expos 2X14 enterprise hard drive, and is the first to use their MACH 2 multi-actuator technology.

Seagate will also showcase a micro-modular Edge data center fom Vapor IO to work with 5G data streams for increased endpoint efficiency. The company will also showcase how to make it easier to process data from smart cities by using a LEGO connected city experience, demonstrating how AI and video can be stored and process for the benefit of local services.

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