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Save £300 and get the lowest Pixelbook price ever with this early Black Friday deal

cheapest pixelbook price black friday
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Update: Good news and bad news, folks. John Lewis has sold out of the £699 deal. But on the plus side, a few more stores have got stock in and price-matched that offer. Head on over to the BT store (opens in new tab) or Currys (opens in new tab) if you fancy bagging yourself this bargain laptop. Argos (opens in new tab) has the same price, but stock seems to be thinning i most regions - chuck in your postcode on the site to see if you can get one delivered to you or pick up at the store.

Original story follows.

The Black Friday deals have landed extra early this year, not that we're complaining as we've been waiting for an offer like this all year. The Google Pixelbook has just been reduced to its lowest-ever price in the UK, saving you an unprecedented £300 off the RRP with a promotional £699 (opens in new tab) price tag at John Lewis - plus it comes with a two-year guarantee. 

If you have an Argos gift card burning a hole in your pocket, you can get it for a similar £699.99 (opens in new tab) there, although there's no two-year warranty.

The Google Pixelbook is an incredibly accomplished Chromebook, but it's been incredibly expensive since launch, with retailers sticking relentlessly to that £999 price. The lowest price we've seen previously was £799.99 at in June, and the next-best price today is £879 (opens in new tab) at Amazon. Not that we've been stalking the price of the Google Pixelbook or anything - well maybe a little.

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Google Pixelbook £999 £699 at John Lewis (opens in new tab)
This Pixelbook comes loaded with 8GB of RAM, a 128GB hard drive, a quad HD display and an i5 processor. We're surprised to see such a big discount, as we thought the previous best price of £799 would be as good as it got for some time. We'd opt for this John Lewis deal first thanks to the two-year guarantee. But here's an Argos (opens in new tab) link if you'd prefer that store instead.

The 2-in-1 Pixelbook uses Google's Chrome operating system instead of Windows, and thousands of paid and free apps are available on the Play Store for both work and play. This is a seriously responsive machine, and we've found it incredibly liberating not being tied down to Windows' cumbersome OS.

If £699 is too expensive for what you need though, be sure to check out our cheap laptop deals. And there will loads more deals to come in the next week or so from both of these retailers, and we'll be highlighting the best deals on our Argos Black Friday deals and John Lewis Black Friday deals pages.

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