Samsung Galaxy X and 5G S10 could have the biggest phone batteries of 2019

We recently saw evidence that the three main Samsung Galaxy S10 models might have batteries that top out at 4,000mAh for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. But there’s potentially a fourth phone in the mix, with a super-premium 5G model also possibly launching, and that could have a 5,000mAh battery.

That’s according to, but that’s not even the site’s most exciting claim, as it also says that the foldable Samsung Galaxy X could have a 6,200mAh battery. Or rather, it could have two 3,100mAh batteries.

The site says specifically that it will have two batteries identical to the one in the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (or Galaxy S10 E as it might be called), which is already rumored to have a 3,100mAh one.

Big screens need big batteries

While 6,200mAh is almost unheard of in a phone, it makes sense for the Samsung Galaxy X, since when unfolded this is rumored to have a massive 7.3-inch screen, which would require a lot of juice. The 5G version of the Galaxy S10 could also be huge, with a 6.7-inch screen rumored.

As you’d expect, these phones won’t be cheap, and they also might not be widely available – GalaxyClub claims that the 5G S10 will only land in the US and South Korea, with no UK or Australian launch currently planned.

Still, the standard Samsung Galaxy S10 range is looking plenty exciting and you should be able to buy one of Samsung’s new flagships soon, as the three main S10 phones are rumored to land at MWC 2019 in late February, if not before.

Via PhoneArena

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