Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Buds 2 up for grabs in big combo deal only at John Lewis

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 in ear of a young woman
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Smartwatches and headphones are no doubt going to be high on the wish lists of many this Christmas, and John Lewis has served up a pretty tasty deal that's definitely going to have big appeal. 

It's matching up Samsung's latest Galaxy Watch 4 with its Galaxy Buds 2 truly wireless earbuds, letting you save £50 when you buy both of them together.

Usually, if you picked them up separately, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 would set you back £249, with the Buds 2 coming in at £139. 

Grab the pair together in this deal only available at John Lewis, which lasts from December 1 to December 24, and you can get them together for £338 instead of £388.

John Lewis is additionally also offering £115 cashback for both, along with a £50 cashback boost available over the same period in December.

You can save even further by claiming up to £50 cashback on the Galaxy Watch 4, an additional £40 on the Galaxy Buds 2, and also getting a £50 boost cashback for buying two Samsung products together. 

On top of a £50 saving that's exclusive to buying from John Lewis, that's a total saving of £190. 

That's a very good deal on two standout Samsung products that can combine to make them the ideal pairing for getting back in the gym or lacing up your shoes for some running action.

Feature-packed Watch

Man wearing a Samsung smartwatch

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The Galaxy Watch 4 is the first Samsung smartwatch to run on the new Wear OS powered by Samsung, offering access to Google’s Play Store to download big-name apps. 

It also packs a rich array of fitness and sports tracking features, including built-in GPS to accurately track outdoor activities like running and cycling. 

Plus, Samsung's new BioActive sensor offers an ECG and PPG heart rate monitor and a BIA sensor to offer stats you'd usually have to grab from standing on a set of smart scales.

The Watch 4 also comes with a built-in music player that lets you pile on your own songs and podcasts, or you can alternatively download playlists from streaming music services like Spotify to listen to offline. 

Bangin' Buds

Four Samsung Galaxy Buds cases on a table

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That's where the Galaxy Buds 2 comes firmly into the picture; you can pair the truly wireless earbuds to the watch via Bluetooth, stream music and leave your phone behind when you head out for a run or a ride.

Samsung also includes a dedicated Buds Controller app on the Watch 4, letting you check how much battery the buds have left and let you tinker with sound settings.

That includes adjusting the onboard active noise cancellation when you want to drown out the world and the ambient sound mode when you want to let some of that sound back in.

We should state that this deal is definitely one for Android phone owners, as the Watch4 is only compatible with smartphones running on Android OS 8.0 or above to pair it up and start putting it to good use.

Along with those savings and cashback offers mentioned, the deal includes John Lewis' 2-year guarantee just in case you encounter any issues with the Samsung tech duo.

It's a tantalising offer for two impressive bits of Samsung gear, especially if it's going on your wishlist or you're looking for something to give someone else that motivational push to get fit and you know they can’t live without music or a podcast fix too. 

It’s a good one for Galaxy Watch 3 owners who have been sitting on the fence about upgrading to the newer Samsung smartwatch.

If you factor in the savings and cashback options, John Lewis' deal is looking like one of the cheapest ways to pick up the Watch 4 and the Buds 2 together this Christmas, making it a pretty affordable and impressive gift to grab.

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Save £50 when bought with any Samsung Galaxy Buds when using promo code BUDSWATCH at checkout to claim.

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