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Roku's next software update will allow you to connect all your Roku audio products together

Roku Surround
(Image credit: Roku)

Roku has announced a new update to its audio lineup that allows the Roku TV Wireless Speakers, Roku Smart Soundbar and Roku Smart Subwoofer to work in tandem to create a 4.1 surround system.

The feature, which is aptly named Roku Surround Sound, is made possible thanks to a new software update coming to the devices and can be controlled through a single Roku remote.

Roku says to expect the software roll out to happen in February, around the same time it will launch a lower-cost version of the Roku TV Wireless Speakers under Walmart’s Onn electronics brand. 

The move isn’t all that surprising - as it’s something Roku alluded to since the launch of the Roku Smart Soundbar last year - but it's definitely a good move: Roku's Smart Soundbar is a great value at $179 (around £139, AU$265), but it's not the best-sounding soundbar on its own. Hopefully, adding two rear channel speakers and a subwoofer will add some extra oomph, and bring it up to par with other surround systems like the Vizio SB36512-F6 Dolby Atmos Soundbar System.

Building a surround system, piece by piece

While the final solution remains to be tested, being able to add Roku's pieces of audio tech together sounds like a great idea in theory. It would allow people to buy a Roku Smart Soundbar first, then upgrade to a Smart Subwoofer and wireless rear speakers once they have the budget or need to do so.

Now, obviously you could go out and buy a set of speakers and a subwoofer on your own and get a similar experience without investing loads of money into Roku's product lineup but there's definitely a convenience factor by buying it all from Roku.

All that said, if you like your audio easy-to-setup, it's worth keeping Roku's new multi-piece surround setup in mind when shopping around.

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