PSVR 2, Oculus Quest 3, and Apple VR headsets predicted to launch in 2022

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It looks like 2022 might be a busy year for the VR space with new Oculus Quest 3, PSVR 2, and Apple VR headsets all expected to launch next year. This prediction comes via a top industry analyst, and might mean that all these new headsets are soon available to wear.

It's always worth taking such claims with a pinch of salt, but the analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, has a great track record for Apple leaks and so his predictions are worth paying attention to. According to Android Central, Kuo has seen order details for Yujingguang (a Taiwanese lens manufacturer) to supply VR headset lenses to Facebook, Sony, and Apple over the coming years. Based on these figures, Kuo predicts that new headsets should be released next year from all three of these manufacturers.

Other claims in the same report – such as the lenses being more expensive than previous headset iterations – suggest that there might be a significant increase in component quality for the PSVR 2 and Oculus Quest 3 headsets. If this is true, it could be that we see a step up in performance from all the next-gen VR devices.

PSVR 2 and Oculus Quest 3 – what do we know?

We don't yet know much about the Oculus Quest 3 or PSVR 2 headsets, but some leaks and rumors have given us an idea of what we might see from Facebook and Sony's next devices. 

Current rumors indicate that the PSVR 2 headset will have a 4,000 x 2,400 resolution, a dial for lens adjustment, and a motor that might give the device some kind of haptic feedback. Sony has also officially unveiled the design of the  PSVR 2 controllers – imagine the Oculus Quest 2 but more orb-like. You'll be able to use your DualSense controller as well.

Unfortunately, the PSVR 2 headset doesn't look set to become wireless. If you want an untethered experience, the Oculus Quest 3 will be the way to go. Facebook's next headset is set to be aimed more at VR enthusiasts (unlike the Quest 2's more entry-level positioning) and may be called the Oculus Quest Pro to signify that. Expect improved features and a higher price for that reason.

If these devices are set to launch in 2022, we expect it won't be too long before more official information is released. With E3 2021 coming up soon, we might just see something announced there.

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