Pre-order Spider-Man PS4 Pro bundle for same price as base PS4 Pro console

limited edition spider-man ps4 pro bundle

If you're either a Marvel fanatic or simply in the market for a new PlayStation 4 Pro, we've got some great news to share with you. Walmart is currently taking pre-orders for the Limited Edition Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Pro 1TB Console Bundle, due to ship September 7. Even better, at $399.99, it's on sale for the same price that most retailers sell the base PS4 Pro console alone. As these special edition consoles usually sellout rapidly, we suggest jumping on this deal before it's too late and you're forced to buy it at an inflated price from a second-hand source.

Limited Edition Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Pro 1TB Console Bundle for $399.99 at Walmart
For the same price as a base model PS4 Pro, you can order this striking limited edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro. Not only does it come with these special graphics, but the Marvel's Spider-Man game as well. That's a savings of around $60.View Deal