Sony SmartWatch 3 set for IFA, probably won't run Android Wear


One smartwatch player we haven't heard about in a while is Sony, but it sounds like the company is firing up the engines for its SmartWatch 3.

Word comes from Digi-Wo that Sony is planning to announce the SmartWatch 3 at IFA 2014. But despite the arrival of Android Wear this year, Sony will keep to its word and eschew Google's wearable OS in favour of the design language featured on its predecessor.

The watch will also keep the square design, but with an improved resolution. A new transflective screen will also be used offering better visibility with less light, if the report is to be believed.

Interestingly, it's also said that that watch will have built-in Wi-Fi and be capable of working independently of a smartphone.

I can Wi-Fi all by myself

Samsung is rumoured to be using IFA to launch the Gear Solo, a smartwatch that works completely in isolation of a smartphone - essentially turning it into a phone on your wrist.

But Samsung's wearable will reportedly include its own SIM card slot, something we'd say is unlikely on the Sony SmartWatch 3. We'd expect that you'd still need to rely on your phone for making actual calls.

Finally, the report mentions that Sony's new device will support wireless charging, although there's no mention of how good the battery will be. As expected, it's said the watch will also be dust and waterproof.

IFA's just days away now, and we'll be there to bring you the news as it breaks - including any possible smartwatches from any possible Japanese conglomerates.

Via G for Games