Sorry, Shazam: Google Glass just stole your best trick

They may be the few and the proud, but Google Glass early adopters have just received another round of monthly updates for September, including access for Explorers with Google Apps accounts.

Google Glass updated its Google+ page on Monday to inform users of a handful of new features now available to intrepid Explorers and #Glassholes alike.

Photos can now be more than just a single image thanks to vignettes, which include whatever happens to be on the Glass display superimposed over the photo just captured.

Summoned with a tap and the new "Make vignette" option, Google calls the feature "a whole new way to tell stories through pictures."

Seek and recognize

Google Glass search has also been improved on two fronts, with YouTube results now appearing in results and Shazam-style audio recognition.

Glass offers two ways to do a sound search: A long press on the touchpad with a swipe forward, or a press with the voice query, "What song is this?"

Last but not least, Google Apps accounts are now supported for many services including email, but Explorers will need to do a factory reset first in order to sign in with such accounts.

The September updates arrive just in time for a new online Explorers Community event this Friday, Sept. 13, which will include a virtual "Glassroom" hangout for getting up to speed with the latest news.

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