Is this what Samsung's Galaxy Glass will look like?

We've heard about Samsung's rumoured Google Glass rival a couple of times already but now we might be getting our first glimpse of just what form it takes.

A new patent application which Samsung recently filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Office shows a device which looks a lot like Google Glass.

It's not so much a pair of glasses as a one-sided headset by the looks of things - essentially like a Bluetooth headset but with a display curving round in front of your eye.

Smart... headset?

Other than the design the patent doesn't reveal much. The device is referred to as "Earphone" in the application, so it may not even be called the Galaxy Glass / Gear Glass (although we'd be extremely surprised if Samsung actually launched a product called Earphone so that's probably just a codename).

It does suggest that the device might work as a phone though, along with whatever else it can do. We've heard talk of companies looking into "ear computers" recently - including Apple - which suggests that the ear-based component may be just as important as the glass bit.

Either way this patent application certainly looks like a Google Glass competitor and the latest rumours point to a launch at IFA 2014 in September.

That would put Samsung's smart glasses out at a similar time to the consumer model of Google Glass, as that's also expected later this year.

James Rogerson

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