Pure makes DAB range eco-friendly

Pure Digital is furthering its green credentials by launching the EcoPlus concept, a radical change as to how its range of DAB products are designed, made and presented, a company spokesperson told us at a briefing here at IFA 2007 in Berlin.

Officially launched at the show yesterday, EcoPlus sets new standards for reduced power consumption, use of recycled and sustainable materials, packaging size, and use of products with minimal environmental damage.

The first EcoPlus product to be launched was the Pure Digital Siesta, and since the Pure Digital Evoke-1S, Pure Digital Tempus-1S, and the Pure Digital Chronos iDock have all been added. All other Pure Digital products will be re-engineered to reduce power consumption, and added to the EcoPlus range this side of Christmas. They will all take rechargeable battery packs.

All products will feature the EcoPlus logo and a tree-motif, and will show a graph of the product's standby and operational power usage compared to the industry average. Pure Digital said that EcoPlus products have significantly reduced power consumption both in use and when in stand-by mode.

"With EcoPlus, we are proud to be leading the way in reducing environmental impact in the consumer electronics sector," Pure Digital's general manager, Paul Smith told Tech.co.uk

"We will ensure that EcoPlus continues to evolve to further decrease our impact on the environment. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed and can be emailed to ecoplus@pure.com."