Poco F2 confirmed to be a premium flagship with a high-end chipset

Poco M2 Pro
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The Poco F2 has been talked about for over two years now, with no official signs of existence. In a surprise reveal, the company’s spokesperson went on record to talk about what they will try to achieve with their next flagship and other future plans. 

In a conversation with Mukul Sharma, Poco India’s Anuj Sharma spilt the beans on what the company is currently working on, while also clearing up rumours that have been going around. These include reports of the Poco F2 being being powered by the Snapdragon 732G chipset, which has understandably left us disappointed. 

Without giving away the specifics, Sharma said that the Poco F2, whenever it comes, will be a proper flagship smartphone and won’t opt for a mid-range chipset. “When the next F series smartphone launches, it has to be a lot better than the X series”, he explained, referring to the Poco X3 which is powered by the Snapdragon 732G chipset. “We won’t compromise on the performance with the F series.”

While that was a relieving confirmation, he added a disclaimer that the Poco F2 won’t be as competitively priced like its predecessor: “To create a product like the Poco F1 today is next to impossible. When it launched at Rs 20,999, nothing even Rs 5,000 higher came close in terms of performance.” This doesn’t really come as a surprise, as smartphone prices over the last few quarters have gone up significantly due to a multitude of reasons such as the cost of 5G components and market factors.

Anuj also shared that they are evaluating if another smartphone series can be developed as the spiritual successor to the Poco F1, which will be similarly priced in the Rs 25,000 segment but won’t be a part of the F series. Poco has only launched budget smartphones in India ever since the F1, leaving the mid-range segment unattended.

Mukul also asked about the Poco M3’s launch in India, but no information around it was shared except “we’re evaluating.” Its predecessor, the Poco M2 is currently amongst the best-selling smartphones online in India, so it might take some time to phase it out.

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