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Panasonic: Wi-Fi shouldn't be a 'tickbox' feature

Panasonic GF5
None of the CSCs from Panasonic have integrated Wi-Fi, yet

Wi-Fi is becoming a more prevalent feature among all kinds of electronics nowadays, but Panasonic believes that it's not necessarily a good move for cameras.

Recently, Samsung introduced a new series of NX cameras, each with integrated Wi-Fi. For Samsung, this is being touted as one of its key selling points.

Speaking to TechRadar, Barney Sykes from Panasonic UK said, "Seeing Samsung introduce [Wi-Fi] to CSCs is very interesting, but we are conscious of using it."

"There's got to be a real end-user benefit, and we don't want Wi-Fi just to be a tickbox feature that you've got to have it but nobody actually knows the benefit, or even uses it. That's one of the key things for us, to really find out from the consumers how they're going to use it."

Panasonic does have Wi-Fi capability in some of its other cameras, such as the compact FX90, but as yet, there's no sign that the G series of Micro Four Thirds cameras will include the functionality in the near future.


Not only does Wi-Fi allow for emailing and uploading of images to social networking sites, but smartphone apps allow for control of the camera.

"Remotely controlling the camera would be good," admitted Sykes, "especially with interchangeable lens cameras, that's a really strong value-add, that would be quite cool."

It's clear that Panasonic is monitoring the trend quite closely, so it will be interesting to see what comes with future developments.