Olympus OM-D E-M10 goes limited edition in orange, black and green

Olympus OM-D E-M10 limited edition orange
Match your style

Olympus has three new premium limited edition OM-D E-M10 kits going on sale next month with matching coloured lens cap and leather straps.

The kits will come with the 14-42mm collapsible kit lens found with the original kit, but the E-M10's body will feature synthetic leather detail in green, orange or black.

Besides the more premium build, or rather premium-feeling body, all innards remain the same.

Colours all round

Along with the synthetic leather body details, you'll also get a matching genuine leather strap in the matching colour.

To carry the colour theme along, the 14-42mm lens will also feature a matching coloured lens cap.

This limited edition kit will be priced at AU$1099/£749 and will be available from July in Australia, or late June in the UK. Currently, the single lens E-M10 kit with 14-45mm lens goes for an RRP of AU$999/£699.