Kenko-Tokina buys Cokin filters

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Cokin is now owned by Kenko-Tokina, but will remain independent

Japanese firm Kenko-Tokina has announced it has bought the French filter manufacturer, Cokin SAS.

Cokin is the world leader in Square filter systems for cameras, exporting around 90% of its production to more than 100 countries around the world.

Kenko-Tokina was established in 1957 and has 10 factories and subsidiaries worldwide. It is especially known for its production of round filters, but it also manufactures other camera accessories including lenses under the Tokina brand.

President of Kenko-Tokina, Toru Yamanaka, said "I have always been impressed with the creativity that Cokin filters and accessories offer. I admire and greatly respect the professionalism of this line of fine products which reflect the French ingenuity. We are very proud to add this filter manufacturer to our team."


Cokin will now be called COKIN France S.A.S.U and will remain independent with its own manufacturing, marketing and worldwide distribution network.

Marc Heintz, director of Sales for COKIN France said, "Kenko brings to us a strong backing of finance and supply of raw materials, which will allow us to expand and bring new innovative products to the market once again."

Cokin currently manufactures a range of products for its square filter system which includes standard, graduated and special effect filters made for a variety of different size cameras including compacts, DSLRs, medium format and camcorders. Cokin filters are made from CR-39 organic glass which allows them to be both lightweight and shock resistant.

It is expected that with the new acquisition, both companies will expand their current services, increasing their presence in the photographic accessory market.

Amy Davies

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