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Samsung launches five new digital camcorders

Samsung HMX-R10
The new H-Series from Samsung incorporates full-HD recording with built-in solid state memory

Along with five new digital compact cameras, Samsung has also just announced the launch of five new digital camcorders.

First on the list is the Samsung SMX-F34 camcorder - built for the YouTube generation. It comes with Schneider optics, has a three-hour battery, and includes Samsung's 42x digital Intelli-Zoom.

It records video at a resolution of 720x480 and also includes a new image processor which supposedly makes the quality of your recordings that much sharper.

Samsung H-Series

Also announced today are five full-HD camcorders - the HMX-R10, as well as the HMX-H106, HMX-H105, HMX-H104, and HMX-H100.

Samsung's new HMX-R10 offers a nine mega-pixel CMOS imaging sensor, full-HD resolution, a 5x optical zoom, as well as the ability to capture 12 mega-pixel digital still photos (through interpolation).

All of the new Samsung's H-Series camcorders are all very small, and come packing a Schneider lens with Optical Image Stabilization, full-HD video. They also all come with internal solid state drives (HMX-H104, HMX-H105, HMX-H106) providing onboard memory.

Offering a 64GB SSD, the HMX-H106 is the world's highest capacity flash-based digital camcorder. The HMX-H104 and HMX-H105 offer 16GB and 32GB SSDs, respectively, while the HMX-H100 requires the use of a SD/SDHC or MMC+ memory card as it does not feature onboard memory.

No prices have yet been revealed for any of these new camcorders.

From CES 2009