What does EE arrival mean for Orange and T-Mobile customers?

What does EE arrival mean for Orange and T-Mobile customers?
Straightforward, but will you need a new contract?

'Eligible' UK customers of Orange and T-Mobile will be offered a 'straightforward' way of moving onto the newly formed EE 4G network, according to Everything Everywhere.

In a veritable confusion of brands old and new, Orange and T-Mobile are owned by Everything Everywhere and it has launched the new EE brand ahead of its 4G rollout.

But the question on current Orange and T-Mobile customers lips is 'what does this mean for me?' and EE has done its best to explain.

3G, 4G, EE by gum

"Everything Everywhere, the company behind Orange and T-Mobile, is launching a new brand and network called EE," said the statement.

"As an Orange or T-Mobile customer you'll now use EE's new 3G network, the biggest in the UK, so soon you'll start to see 'EE' on your phone or device screen.

"We're also replacing your local T-Mobile and Orange stores with exciting new EE stores, giving you access to almost twice as many stores as today.

"When EE launches, we'll make it easy and straightforward for eligible Orange and T-Mobile customers to move to EE."

PAYG no go

And in answer to another question EE adds: "To use 4G you'll need 4G coverage, a 4G compatible phone, 4G SIM card and 4GEE plan on EE. EE is working with the major manufacturers to offer a range of 4G phones and tablets.

"There won't be any pay as you go plans available on EE at launch but look out for great pay as you go offers on EE in the future."

Some of this not particularly enlightening of course; you will have to move across to the new network if you want to use a 4G device and although there is no indication as yet as to whether that will require you to renew your contract we'd assume it will.

EE has insisted that it will update us closer to the time, and people can sign up for updates (as long as you are prepared to give them carte blanche to use your email, postal address and mobile number to market its wares to you).

Of course, we will be chasing the answers on your behalf as the situation becomes more clear.

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