Want to try 4G before committing? EE introduces 30-day, SIM-only tariffs

Want to try 4G before committing? EE introduces 30-day, SIM-only tariffs
4GEE: Try it, you might like it

EE has given Brits the opportunity to experience the joys of 4G mobile speeds without signing up for a lengthy contract for the first time.

The new 30-day SIM-only contracts allow users to sign up month-to-month from just £23 with 500GB of data and unlimited texts and minutes.

For £28 a month its possible to sign up for 1GB of data, while £33 will give users a little more piece of mind with 3GB data.

The deals range all the way up to £63 a month, but for that EE is offering the luxury of 20GB a month, which'd be tough for the most avid video and music streaming enthusiasts to exhaust.

Getting 'em hooked

EE is offering the deals in the hope that users will try the no-strings approach and be so amazed with the difference over 3G that they'll sign up for a one or two year contract.

The company, which pioneered 4G in the UK, will also be mindful that competition from the likes of Vodafone, O2 and Three Mobile will arrive later this year, so will want punters to try its offering first

Will you be more likely to sample 4G under the contract-free terms? Let us know in the comments below.

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