The ultimate Nokia Android phone: here's what we want to see

The ultimate Nokia Android phone here s what we want to see

Don't get us wrong: even though the Nokia X Normandy isn't primed to set the world alight, the idea of a Nokia handset running Android is exciting in itself.

Still, we'd be lying if we said we weren't a tad disappointed at the reported low-end spec sheet. From what we've heard, we're looking at a 4-inch 480x854 display, a 1GHz dual core CPU and 512MB RAM – hardly a contender for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One 2/ M8/ One+/ whatever.

So what would we really like to see in a Nokia Android handset? What would be the perfect amalgamation of the Finnish firm's hardware and Google's home-grown OS?

Gareth Beavis and John McCann have a few thoughts, and they're in the sharing mood.